1883-O VAM-1C3

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1883-O VAM-1C3 Buffed Reverse, Die Clashed Reverse M, Die Break Wing Tip

Discovery 2015
1C3 III21 · C3a (Buffed Reverse, Die Clashed Reverse M, Die Break Wing Tip) (181)
Reverse C3a– Late die state shows large die break at top of eagle's wing.


  1. Exists in a slightly earlier stage with less of a break at the wing tip, but with the area fully outlined and several distorted 'waves' in the field.
  2. 1883-O VAM-1C3 is the LDS of dies used for 1883-O VAM-1C2.
  3. There is a small patch of pitting below tail feathers.


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1883 O VAM1C2 LVAPLATES3.jpg

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