1883-O VAM-1C2

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1883-O VAM-1C2 Buffed Reverse, Die Clashed Reverse M

Discovery 4/2000 - Brent Fogelberg (submitted by Mike Andrew)
1C2 III21 · C3a (Buffed Reverse, Die Clashed Reverse M) (181)
Obverse III2 1 -
Die marker - Different die than 1883-O VAM-1C1 with fine diagonal polishing lines in lower hair. No die clash marks.
Reverse C3a– Double offset die clash marks with raised designer's initial M from obverse showing above d in God. Late die state has die break at top of eagle's wing.


  1. 1883-O VAM-1C2 shares the same reverse as the 1883-O VAM-1C1 and 1883-O VAM-1C3, However the 1883-O VAM-1C1 has a different obverse.
  2. 1883-O VAM-1C2's reverse is double clashed and boasts a clashed M above OD in GOD. 1883-O VAM-1C2 obverse has fine parallel polishing lines underneath earlobe, and fine polish lines in lower hair area. The late die state of this VAM has a very nice break at the wing tip, and is very desirable! (LDS now 1883-O VAM-1C3).


LVA Plate Photos:

1883 O VAM1C2 LVAPLATES2.jpg

Additional Photos:

1883O TF552148 Rev gog.jpg 1883O TF552148 Rev lwing.jpg
Photo courtesy: Ken McLean.
1883 O VAM 1C Buffed.jpg
Photos courtesy: Felix Gonzales.
VFS 033.JPG NM 1883-O VAM-1C Wreath.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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