1882-S Reverses

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1882-S Reverses
Please feel free to add photos of mint marks to photoless reverses.
Reverse C3a - Normal Die of C3 type with a medium IV S mint mark centered and upright.
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1882-S VAM-1 Open 2
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1882-S VAM-1A
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-1B Concaved Obverse
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-2 Doubled 882
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-4 Doubled 88
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-5 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-7 Doubled 82
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-8 Doubled 8-2
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-10 Doubled 1-82
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-12 Doubled 882
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-13 Doubled Date
NM 1882-S VAM-13 MintMark.JPG
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-13A Doubled Date,Die Chip left WreathFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-14 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-15 Doubled 882
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-16 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-22 Doubled 882
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-24 Doubled Date
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1882-S VAM-26 Doubled 882
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-27 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-31 Doubled 882 (a 2 for 1 - May not exist) *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-31A Doubled 882, Die Chip Wreath *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-32 Doubled 882 *NEW 2014*
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1882-S VAM-33 Doubled 82 *NEW 2015*
Reverse C3b - IV S mint mark is filled and tilted left.
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-3 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-9 Doubled 18-2
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-11 Doubled 882
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-18 Doubled Date, S Tilted Left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-21 Doubled 882
1882-S VAM-21 MINTMARK.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-23 Doubled 1-82, S Tilted Left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-25 Doubled Date, S Tilted Left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-36 Concave Obverse, S Tilted Left *NEW 2016*
Reverse C3c - IV S mint mark repunched with original showing as a thin diagonal line on right side of upper loop and curved line at right inside of lower loop. with tilt to far left.
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1882-S VAM-6 S/S
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-17 Doubled Date, S/S
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-17A Doubled Date, S/S, Die Chip left Wreath
SWH 1882-S VAM-17A MM.jpg
Reverse C3d - IV S mint mark slightly doubled at bottom outside of lower loop.
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-19 Doubled Date, S/S
Reverse C3e - IV S mint mark tilted far to left and shifted slightly to left. One of the fatherest S tilts known.
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-20 Doubled Date, S Tilted Far LeftFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1882-S VAM-20 Mintmark tilt1.jpg
Reverse C3f - S mint mark re-punched with original showing as pointed diagonal bar in middle of lower loop opening. Upper loop almost filled.
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-28 Doubled Date, S/S Lower Loop
1882-S VAM 28-S S Lower Loop.jpg
C3g - IV S mint mark set low and to right with strong tilt to left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-30 Doubled 882, S Low & Right, Tilted LeftFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C3h - IV S mint mark set low and to right with strong tilt to left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-34 Doubled Date, S Set Left & Tilted Left, Die Gouge O, Acid Treated Designer's Initial *NEW 2015*
C3i - IV S mint mark tilted far to left and set slightly to right.
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-35 Concave Obverse, S Tilted Far Left *NEW 2016*