1882-O VAM-17

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1882-O VAM-17 Metal in 882, O Tilted Left

Discovered by Martin Field, July 1979.
17 III2 10 - C3e (Metal in 882, O Tilted Left) (181) I-2 R-4 (R-5???)
Obverse III2 10- Obverse has a long horizontal die crack above date and first three stars on left. Metal in 882. Die flakes and polished areas on right inside of lower loop of boh 8's and 2 in upper loop with curved horizontal step at lower left side of loop opening and filled lower loop with polishing lines. Slightly doubled 1 at top right and first 8 at top inside of both loops. Fine die scratches from hair front over to TY, another from Y over to middle of left cotton boll, and third double line in lower cotton leaf down to bottom of Phrygian cap as single line. Doubled top of Phrygian cap.
Reverse C3e– II O mint mark tilted left. Some have a heavy horizontal die scratch at bottom of opening.

1. Does not exist. Clashing happened to Obv. die while still being used for VAM14.
2. This reverse shared with VAM-6, VAM-16, VAM-17, VAM-17A, VAM-17B, VAM-27, VAM-28, VAM-39, and VAM-47.
3. Note: A late stage clashed example of this die pair is assigned 1882-O VAM-17A. VAM-17A has partial incuse st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.
4. Thin die gouge line down from lower cotton leaf, thru TY in LIBERTY and in hair above forehead.


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As of 10/2007, ANACS census reports 12 coins. The highest graded MS examples are 3 MS62 and 6 MS63.
PCGS and NGC do not attribute VAM-17.