1881-S VAM-69

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1881-S VAM-69 Doubled 18, S/S Up & Left

Discovery May 2010 KE Rawlings
69 III2 38 - C3y (Doubled 18, S/S Up & Left) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 38 - Doubled 18 in date with 1 at right side of vertical shaft and top left and right of lower crossbar. Left 8 strongly doubled on top left inside and right outside of upper loop and right outside of lower loop. Right 1 has two faint vees at bottom of vertical shaft. Fine pitting on Liberty head.
Reverse C3y - IV S mint mark set slightly to right and re-punched with thin curved line in middle of lower loop and tiny spike at right inside of upper loop. Partially filled loops of S mint mark. Slight doubling of AMERICA towards rim. Vertical die crack on eagle's breast of VAM-54A but earlier die state.

Comments: from Leroy Van Allen:
1. Yes, has unlisted dbld 18 combined with reverse that has vertical die crack on center of eagle of VAM 54A but earlier die state, Didn't notice it before but S m/m is repunched and not listed. This coin is nice early die state which shows S/S clearly - original listing of VAM 54 must have been for worn die or coin. Don't know why obverse die was changed for VAM 54A unless VAM 54 obverse listing is a mistake.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

CFE 10-29-2010 1881-S V54B BREAST-RIM-BREAK2.jpg


CFE 10-29-2010 1881-S V54B BREAST-BREAK1.jpg

KER 1881 S 69 6.jpg.jpg

Full Coin Photos

KER 1881 S 69 4.jpg.jpg

KER 1881 S 69 5.jpg.jpg
Discovery Coin is PCGS MS 64