1881-S VAM-20

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1881-S VAM-20 S/S Up Raised Minute Metal Dots all over Eagle

Discovered by Oscar Simpson, January 1977.
20 III2 4- C3j (S/S Up) (185) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 4- Die chip between the loops on the right of the first 8 with a short die chip at top left inside of upper loop, surface doubling on bottom outside of lower loop and tripled on top left inside of lower loop. First 1 doubled slighgtly below upper crossbar. Second 1 doubled slightly on left side of shaft.
Reverse C3j - Mint mark re-punched with curved line at bottom inside of lower loop. Partially filled loops of mint mark. Small dots of metal all over eagle.

1. This obverse shared with VAM-4, VAM-6 ,VAM-18, and VAM-20.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

1881-S RonH VAM-20 Date.jpg
Below, the Left Wing with Raised Metal Spots. Under a Dino Light looks like POX. Check the area of the lower Breast and Tailfeathers
above arrows with a light and loupe. Using the loupe method this area is the best.
RonH 1881-S Left Wing.jpg
Below, the tip of the Left Wing.
RonH 1881-S Left WingTip.jpg
Below, the Right Wing.
RonH 1881-S Right Wing.jpg
Below, Mint Mark and Bow Area.
1881-S RonH VAM-20 MM 072920103.jpg

1881-S RonH VAM-20 LIBERTY.jpg 1881-S RonH VAM-20 Liht Polish and or Flow.jpg

1881-S RonH VAM-20 Gouge Bottom leaf on Tip.jpg

Full Coin Photos

NGC MS 66 #1530752-001 3-31-2010