1881-O VAM-49

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1881-O VAM-49 Doubled 1-1, Die Gouge DOL

Discovery January 27, 2011 by Don Wilkinson
49 III2 13 - C3a (Doubled 1-1, Die Gouge DOL) (176) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 13 -
DieMarker - Series of vertical polishing lines below cap ribbon
Reverse C3a - Long Thin die gouge thru DOL of DOLLAR. (Same reverse die as VAMs 1B,18 & 43.)

LVA Comments:
1. From 2014 DOL/DI study submittal, Yes, has same reverse with die gouge thru DOL as VAMs 1B,18 & 43 but different obverse die. Doubled 1-1 looks like obverse of VAM-22, but can't tell if exactly the same die. No strong die markers for obverse, but weak ones evident. From discoverer, "there is some clashing of the cap between top right wreath and wing. His coin was an MS62 from ANACS.

1. VAM-62, VAM-63 both share the exact obverse die as VAM-49 seems to be the earlier die stage.
2. Same reverse die as VAMs 1B,18 & 43


LVA Plate Photos:

1881-O DonW VAM-49 Leroy Plate 1 02292012.jpg 1881-O DonW VAM-49 Leroy Plate 2 02292012.jpg

1881-O DonW VAM-49 Leroy Plate 3 02292012.jpg

Additional Photos:

VAM-49 Ear Dot

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