1880-P VAM-7

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1880-P VAM-7 Crossbar Overdate

Discovered by Ross Haddix, February 1966.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
7 III2 6 ∙ C3a (8/7 Crossbar) (?) I-5 R-7
Obverse III2 6 – 8 repunched over 7 in date different than III2 5 obverse. There are no ears above the 8 but the crossbar of the 7 is clearly visible in the upper loop with a straight lower edge. In the lower loop of the 8 remains the shaft of the 7 shows as two short lines. The 9 does not show in the 0. 1 doubled at the very bottom left.
Reverse C3a – Normal die

1. 1880-P VAM-7 Crossbar Overdate. The 1880-P VAM-7 is the toughest 1880 overdate to locate. It is rarely found in high grades and is a prize in any condition! Look for the horizontal line crossing the top of the second 8 of the date.

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LVA Plate Photo:

1880 over 79 Photo Superposition.jpg

Additional Photos:

1880 vam7 obv.jpg
A pair of diagonal gouges are found inside Liberty's ear
80 v7 ear gouges.jpg

Full Coin Photos

2 full coin copyrighted© VAM-7 images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of and attributed by Lance Newman OCC