1880-P VAM-23

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1880-P VAM-23 "80/79" Overdate

This coin is a Top 100 and a 2011 Roberts 11 Morgan VAM.
23 III2 23 ∙ C3a (80/79) I-4 R-6
Obverse III2 23 – 80 repunched over 79 in date. Remains of 7 shows at top of 8 as check mark on left side of upper loop and a vertical line on right side of upper loop extending down on top of lower loop and up to short spike on field at top right outside of upper loop. Remains of 9 shows on top of 0 as raised metal on upper left side ending diagonally at middle left side, dot on lower left that was end of 9 loop, vertical bar on middle right side. 1 doubled below bottom crossbar and slightly below upper crossbar, first 8 doubled slightly on surface of upper loop and outside and tripled below bottom loop.
Reverse C3a – Normal die

1. The date has some of the underlying 7 visible, notably an ear at the right top of the second 8. The 9 is quite visible on the 0 as two blobs on the middle and lower right side of the digit. The lower one is the ball on the tail of an open 9. It is quite easy to visualize the original 9 just looking at the date.
2. Many or all VAM-23 exhibit signs of clashing. Here are the two usual clashes we see on Morgan dollars on this piece, the wing clashed at the neck and the neck clashed at the wing.


LVA Plate Photo:

Additional Photos:

By Jack Lee Closeup photo is in a PCGS MS61 holder
1880-P VAM-23.jpg
2nd specimenn Marker: heavy diagonal lines inside the ear:

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