1879-S VAM-4

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1879-S VAM-4 PAF Reverse, Die Rust Dots on Wing Next to Leg

Discovered by George Mallis, June 1965.
This is a Reverse of '78 (PAF) coin and a Top 100 VAM variety.
4(revised) III2 2a · B2a (PAF Reverse, Die Rust Dots on Wing Next to Leg) (184) I-4 R-5
Obverse III2 2a – Open 9.
Die marker- 3 diagonal polishing lines in middle right of lower hair.
Reverse B2a – PAF reverse of B2 type with small III S mint mark. R in Trust not broken. Area of wing feather next to eagle’s right leg not engraved and end is flush with field.
Die marker- Rust dots on eagle’s right wing next to leg and die chip on right side of upper loop of R in AMERICA. Intermediate die state. Same die as for 1878-S VAM-1C.

1. Same Reverse die as for 1878-S VAM-1C.
2. Same Obverse die as for 1879-S VAM-70.
3. VAM-4, VAM-23, VAM-25, VAM-43, VAM-50, VAM-51, VAM-52, VAM-56, VAM-66,VAM-67 all have an unbroken R in TRUST.

1. http://www.vamworld.com/message/view/home/55141408

LVA Plate Photo:

Additional Photos:

1879 s rev78 vam4 compilation2.jpg


1879srev78v4nate992.JPG 1879srev78v4rtynate.jpg

1879srev78v4tfld.jpg Ldrcvam45.jpg
A pair of die scratches is visible above the bear claw area of the hair:
1879SV4BEARSCLAW.JPG 1879srev78v4hairvee44.JPG

Mr-juan-1879-s-vam-4- die scratch-lib.JPG Mr-juan-1879-s-vam-4-die chip.JPG
Die pitting on the reverse:

Full Coin Photos

From Nate', Large Full Coin of VAM-4 Images and Attribution By 'Nate (Metalencephalon)
Large Full Coin Photo of VAM-4 Courtesy of LostDutchman