1879-S VAM-25

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1879-S VAM-25 PAF, Doubled 7, Die Rust Dots on Wing Next to Leg

Discovered by Jim Baxter, July 1978.
This is a Reverse of '78 (PAF) coin and a Top 100* VAM variety.
25 III2 6 · B2a (PAF, Doubled 7, Die Rust Dots on Wing Next to Leg) (184) I-4 R-7
Obverse III2 6 – Closed 9 with no die flake at top outside. 7 doubled at bottom of upper crossbar.
Die marker- Die chip between T and Y in LIBERTY, die polishing line at bottom hair junction above right side of 7. Intermediate die state.
Reverse B2a – Earliest die state. (VAM-56 is now considered to be the earliest die stage of this reverse).

1. This obverse die was used on VAM-25, and VAM-52 with ubroken r and VAM-42, VAM-46 with broken r
2. VAM-4, VAM-23, VAM-25, VAM-43, VAM-50, VAM-51, VAM-52, VAM-56 and VAM-66 all have an unbroken R in TRUST.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

The 7 in the date is doubled in the lower part of the cross bar. While the date is reported to be a Closed 9, there is a space.
1879 S VAM 25 Photo 1.jpg
there is a die chip between the T and Y in LIBERTY.
1879 S VAM 25 Photo 2.jpg
diagonal polish line through the nostril.
1879 S VAM 25 Photo 3.jpg
The Eagle is heavily pitted on the right wing from a rusted die.
1879 S VAM 25 Photo 4.jpg
The engraved feather region is heavily pitted from a rusted die.
1879 S VAM 25 Photo 5.jpg
The tail feather region of the Eagle shows heavy polishing down to the field.
1879 S VAM 25 Photo 6.jpg

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