1879-S VAM-1E

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1879-S VAM-1E

Discovery September, 2010 by Brian Raines. Revised 2017, 11/2018
1E (revised) III2 I - C3a (Acid Treated Obverse & Reverse Dies) (183) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 I - Over polished lower hair with small slightly smooth tops and rough edges from acid treatment at designer's initial M, two gaps about 7 and lower right hair vee to fill in missing hair from die over polishing. Raised dots on Liberty head from rusted die. (Same die as VAM-94 but earlier die state before re-basining. Weakly struck stars and date so 9 doesn't show slight doubling.)
Reverse C3a - Acid treated leaves in left wreath above left star, U, & NI of UNITED.

1. LVA wouldn't list over polished reverse saying it was too minor.
2. Reverse top arrowhead broken and top olive leave misshaped due to over polish. Tail feathers shallow but complete.
3. Same Obverse die as 1879-S VAM-94 but earlier die state
4. Same Reverse die as 1879-S VAM-92 but earlier die state,and Vam 110

1. Thread and letter from LVA

LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

Nm 1879s v1e lips.jpg
NM 1879-S VAM-1E-MM.jpg

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