1879-S VAM-100

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1879-S VAM-100

Discovery 2017 (John Vernieri)
III2 51 · C3y (Doubled Date, High S, Engraved Wreath Leaves) (?) 1-3 R-6
Obverse III2 51– Doubled date with 1 slightly at lower right of vertical shaft, 8 at right outside of both loops and upper left inside of lower loop. 7 at top and strongly on right side of vertical shaft and 9 at left outside of both loops.
Die marker Horizontal die scratch at top of T and left top of Y in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3y– Same reverse as VAM-29 but later die state with die chips at tips of both wings and more die wear.
1- Leroy's comment: Has different obv die than VAM-29 or VAM-99. Same rev die but later die wear state than VAM-29 as evidenced by die wear at LA in DOLLAR. Rev is VAM-29 with die chip top both wings.

LVA Plate Photos

LVA Plate 1879-S VAM-100.jpg

Additional Photos

Jv 1879 s obv date v29a 02-24-17.jpg
Jv 1879 s obv lib 02-24-17.jpg
Jv 1879 s obv v29a ear 02-24-17.jpg
Jv 1879 s rev mm 02-24-17.jpg