1879-P VAM-84

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1879-P VAM-84

Discovery 2016 by CascadeChris Simpson
84 III 2 73 - C3a (Doubled 1-9, Tripled/Quadrupled Stars) (179) I-2 R-5
Obverse III 2 73- Tripled/Quadrupled left and right stars and UNUM towards rim. Slightly doubled LIBER on right side.
Die marker- Single diagonal polishing line at top of Y in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3a - Die marker- Single faint diagonal die scratch at top right E in ONE.
1- Unfortunately, this is a duplicate listing of VAM-62
2-This variety has been referred to as "The Drooling Eagle" due to a small raised lump in the field below the eagled beak. John Baumgart believes the lump may be a single denticle impression, but LVA made no note of it.

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CascadeChris' Discovery Coin:

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Large Full Coin Photo VAM-84 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy CascadeChris Simpson ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen