1879-P VAM-74

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1879-P VAM-74 Doubled Date, Pitted Obverse & Reverse

Discovery 2011 by Brian Raines Revised, 2012.
74 (revised) III2 64- C3a (Doubled Date, Pitted Obverse & Reverse ) (178) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 64 - Slightly doubled date with 1 at bottom, 8 at right inside of upper loop, 7 on lower serif of crossbar and left outsideof both 9 loops. Raised dots of pitted die at left cotton boll, top cotton leaves and up to field below s of PLURIBUS. 8 has raised dot on left side of upper loop.
Reverse C3a - Die 1 - Patches of raised dots of pitted die below M in AMERICA, E in ONe, lower right of D and between LL in DOLLAR and at end of olive leaves outward in field to left wreath and eagle's wing.
Die 2 - No pitting.
Die marker - Multiple isolated polishing lines at top of eagle's left wing.
LVA Comments:
1. WOW! Really a lot of pitting on this coin. Amazing that hadn't been reported before-must be rare. Dies must have been retired early since hard to polish off with so much pitting in die recesses. Must be a scarce variety to not have been reported already!


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