1879-P VAM-72

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1879-P VAM-72 Doubled Date & Cap Top

Discovery 2011
72 III2 62 - C3a (Doubled Date & Cap Top) (179) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 62 - Doubled date with 1 slightly at top left of lower crossbar, 8 strongly at top inside of lower loop ans slightly tripled at left inside of upper loop, 7 at right of top left serif and at left outside of upper loop. Phrygian cap slightly doubled at top.
Reverse C3a - Die marker - Long vertical die scratch at upper middle of eagle's left wing and single diagonal die scratch on right side of eagle's right leg.



LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Jb 79v72-1.jpg
Doubling on the top of the Phrygian cap
Jb 79v72-6.jpg
Doubling on the lower part of the Phrygian cap
Jb 79v72-2.jpg
Die scratch on face near ear
Jb 79v72-3.jpg
Vertical die scratch in upper middle left wing
Jb 79v72-4.jpg
Double die clash at 'n' in 'In'. This is strong enough for a letter transfer, but no clashing is evident on the obverse. There is likely another obverse paired with this reverse that shows the companion die clash with a partial 'n' at the neck.
Jb 79v72-5.jpg

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