1879-P VAM-63

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1879-P VAM-63 Doubled Date,Doubled Lower Reverse

Discovery 2010.
63 III2 53 - C3I (Doubled Date,Doubled Lower Reverse) (180) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 53 - Entire date doubled. 1 doubled as tiny spike below upper crossbar and bar below middle and right of lower crossbar. Slightly doubled 8 at right outside of lower loop,7 at left edge of upper crossbar and 9 at left outside of both loops.
Die marker - Thin diagonal polishing line below cap fold.
Reverse C3I - Same die as VAM-48 & VAM-107

1. VAM-48 Reverse diagnostics from VAM-48:
2. Has hub doubling of lower right reverse same as 1878 P C3c reverse with doubling of outside edges of some leaves in lower right wreath, tops of serifs of A next to star in AMERICA, inside of AR in DOLLAR and right star towards rim. Different die than VAM-43 with die marker of thin die scratch slightly tilted to left above junction of olive branch and arrow shafts.


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