1879-P VAM-46

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1879-P VAM-46 Doubled Phrygian Cap & Reverse Peripheral

Discovered by John Roberts, July 2001.
46 III2 40 · C3i (Doubled Phrygian Cap & Reverse Peripheral) (179) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 40 – Phrygian cap doubled at top edge. All left and right starts slightly doubled to sextupled towards rim. Liberty head profile doubled from motto down to chin. E PLURIBUS UNUM letters doubled at bottom inside towards rim. 9 in date slightly doubled at left outside of upper loop. 1 tripled below upper crossbar. 8 quadrupled to lower left outside of both loops.
Reverse C3i – Doubled left and right wreaths towards rim, bottom inside of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA towards rim, top inside of ONE DOLLAR and stars towards rim and In God We Trust at top. Similar to VAM-42 but stronger doubling.

1. Photos below were compared with the discovery piece and verified as a VAM-46, but is NOT the discovery piece.


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