1879-P VAM-41

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1879-P VAM-41 Worm Eye, Doubled Date, Stars & Right Wreath

Discovered by John Roberts, July 2000.
41 III2 38 · C3e (Worm Eye, Doubled Date, Stars & Right Wreath) (180) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 38 – Two thread like die impressions in front of eye. Entire date is doubled. 1 slightly doubled below top and bottom crossbars. 8 doubled at lower left outside and right inside of upper loop. 7 slightly doubled below crossbar. 9 slightly doubled at lower left outside and top left inside of upper loop and lower left inside of lower loop. All left and right stars slightly doubled to quadrupled towards rim. Tops of E PLUR UNUM slightly doubled towards rim.
Reverse C3e – Some middle leaves in right wreath leaf clusters slightly doubled towards rim.

1. Interesting variety that sells for a modest premium.


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