1879-P VAM-37

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1879-P VAM-37 Doubled 187, Pitted Lower Reverse

Discovered by Herb Zepke, February 1998.
37(revised) III2 24 · C3a (Doubled 187, Pitted Lower Reverse) (180) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 24 – Doubled 187 in date. 1 slightly doubled at very top and left of bottom crossbar. 8 slightly doubled at top right and bottom inside of upper loop. 7 slightly doubled on right side of top left serif. Left stars slightly tripled to quadrupled and right stars slightly doubled to quadrupled.
Reverse C3a – Normal die with pitted die from rust extending from denticles thru O in DOLLAR, in lower right wreath into tail feathers and lower arrowhead.

1. VAM-33 also has a pitted reverse.
2.(( Same Obverse die as 1879-P VAM 18))

LVA Plate Photos

1879-P VAM-37 Dbld 187.jpg 1879-P VAM-37 Pitted Lower Rev.jpg

Additional Photos:

RBF1879-PV37-4.jpg RBF1879-PV37-3.jpg

RBF1879-PV37-2.jpg RBF1879-PV37-5.jpg
LDS where most of the field pitting is gone - pitting on the wreath persists.]]

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