1879-P VAM-1D

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1879-P VAM-1D Die Gouges Upper Tail Feathers

Discovery 2012 by Doug Bindner
1D III2 1 - C3a (Die Gouges Upper Tail Feathers) (194) I-3 R-6
Reverse C3a - Diagonal die gouges at top left and right upper tail feathers. Horizontal die scratch on left two tail feathers.

LVA Comments:
1. "Diagonal die gouges at top left and right upper tail feathers & scratch on the left 2 lower TF. Unusual HIGH reed count of 194, same as VAM 50 & VAM 55. But doesn't seem to match either and the discovery coin has some wear on it. Pretty strong dies gouges! No Hub doubling."


LVA Plate Photos:

Dwb 79 p dc v1d-9412a.jpg

Additional Photos:


Full Coin Photos

Discovery Coin Photo Copyrighted© VAM-1D Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy © Doug Binder'ATTRIBUTED BY 'Leroy Van Allen