1879-P VAM-12

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1879-P VAM-12 Doubled Date, Tripled 1

Discovered by Guy Messing, July 1976. Revised 2011
12 (revised) III2 12 ∙ C3a (Doubled Date, Tripled 1) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 12 – Entire date doubled. 1 doubled on right and left sides of vertical shaft, on lower surface of top crossbar and is tripled on middle and right bottom of lower crossbar. 8 doubled on surface of right side of lower loop and top left of lower loop opening. 7 doubled strongly on lower right side of vertical shaft. Lower left outside of upper loop of 9 is doubled. Open 9 variety. Doubled Liberty head profile on nose, lips & chin. Fine scattered polishing lines on face, forehead and Phrygian cap.
Die Marker - long horizontal die scratch at bottom of eye. Clump pf pitting at neck middle front.
Reverse C3a – Normal die



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1879-P VAM-12 Dbld Date.jpg

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