1879-O VAM-28

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1879-O VAM-28 O/Horizontal O Mint mark

Discovered by Kyle Aber, February 1997.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
28 III2 20 · C3c (O/O Horizontal, Doubled 87) (176) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 20 Doubled 87 in date, 8 doubled on lower outside of lower loop. 7 strongly doubled on entire right side of vertical stem.
Reverse C3c Hub doubling of left reverse same as 1878 P C3b reverse with doubling of UNITED STATES bottom inside (strong doubling on inside of U), I of In at top, top right edge of eagle’s right wing and left edge of some leaves in left wreath. Medium II O centered mint mark over horizontal O with horizontal bars at top and bottom inside. Possibly triple O with first two punches high and low.
1. For a large article on VAM-4 vs VAM-28 O/O coins, please see the 1879-O VAM-4 page. The O mint mark was punched over either a horizontal O or the top o was punched over a high and low O (triple punched). VAM-4 and VAM-28 share the same reverse, but have different Obverses. VAM-28 is a later die state than VAM-4 but much rarer with only 13 confirmed specimens as of the last census. As such, VAM-28 sells for a considerable premium over VAM-4.
2. This obverse shared with VAM-28 and VAM-40.
3. This reverse shared with VAM-4 and VAM-28.


LVA Plate Photos

1879-O VAM-28 Dbld 87.jpg

Additional Photos

Figure1 1879o vam4 mintmark 4.jpgFigure-3 1879OO-Mint-Mark.gif
VAM-28 has a strongly doubled 87 in date; 8 doubled on lower outside, right side of 7 strongly doubled on entire right side of stem. Note the die crack through the entire date. This is on all VAM-28 specimens, as the Obverse was originally used on VAM-40, where the crack first appeared. It is assumed the crack was noticed by Mint workers and the die quickly retired with only a few VAM-28's produced.
The VAM-4 Obverse has the 9 doubled in upper loop on left side outside of loop.


RBF1879-OV28-1.jpg RBF1879-OV28-2.jpg

RBF1879-OV28-3.jpg RBF1879-OV28-4.jpg
The NGC AU58 coin is the plate coin for the TOP 100 book and, at one time, belonged to Dr. Michael S. Fey. The coin, which is believed to be a strong possibility of an upgrade to MS62, remains in the NGC slab. [CLM December 2012]

  • The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys Copyright 2009 RCI. With permission from the authors Michael S. Fey, Ph.D., [[1]], and Jeff Oxman, [[2]]

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