1878-P VAM-203A

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1878-P VAM-203A Short Wheat Leaf, Doubled Peripheral Letters, Clashed Obv n, W, st, Rev M

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, June 2003. Revised 2004
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
This coin is a Top 30 1878 Variety
203A(revised) III1 2 · C1b (Short Wheat Leaf, Doubled Peripheral Letters, Clashed Obv n, W, st, Rev M) (179) I-5 R-7
Obverse III1 2– Strongly clashed die with almost full incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck, partial incuse W of We from reverse in space between hair locks at right of designer’s initial M and partial incuse st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.
Reverse C1b– Clashed die with raised designer’s initial M from obverse showing above d of God.

1. This coin is a clashed version of the 1878-P VAM-203 The VAM-203 also features overpolishing (loose hairs) where Liberty's hair meets the field both above the forehead and at the bottom of the lower curls, just above the date. There are very light die gouges just above the denticles below the first "8" in the date. It will require further study and conjecture to determine if there may be an MPD, which could have fallen victim to the heavy polishing on this variety


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-P VAM-203A Clashed M.jpg 1878-P VAM-203A Clashed n.jpg
1878-P VAM-203A Clashed st.jpg 1878-P VAM-203A Clashed st2.jpg

Additional Photos:

The 1878-P VAM-203 has a polished leaf at the top of Liberty's head that is shorter than a normal wheat leaf. Note that the leaf for the VAM-203 contains parallel lines:
1878p vam203 v.jpg
Additionally, the back leaf is polished down as well. This feature is useful for confirming short leaf cherrypicks online!
1878p vam203 c.jpg
Here's a couple things I've noticed about my VAM-203. If your 203 doesn't have these features, please let me know!
The eyelash is extended beyond normal length.
1878p vam203 d.jpg
The inside of the G of GOD has a small die break:
1878p vam203 g.jpg

Full Coin Photos

2 full coin copyrighted© VAM-203A images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of PAFs uploaded by oldcollectorcoins attributed by PAFs