1878-P VAM-14.1

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1878-P VAM-14.1 Doubled Eye Front

Discovered by Guy Messing, April 1973. Revision April 2003 by Mike Torgimson.
14-1(revised) I13 · A1k (Doubled Eye Front) (188) I-2 R-4
Obverse I13– Front of eye doubled with short bar below eyelid. LIBERTY slightly doubled on right side and P in PLUIRIBUS at very top. All left and right stars very slightly doubled to quadrupled towards rim.
Reverse A1k– Slight doubling of lower and left side of wreath, olive leaves and bottom of eagle’s right wing. Slightly doubled bottom inside of UNITED STATES, ONE top inside and In God We Trust top. Three small feathers added on eagle’s right and two on left side between leg and bottom of wing. Reverse is shared with 1878 VAM 14.10
1. The 1878 VAM-14.1 is an 8 tailfeather coin. VAM 14.1 is one of the more common 8TF coins, mated with the A1K reverse. VAM 14.1 is unknown in Proof-like or DMPL.
2. Several years ago, vam clash specialist Mark Kimpton discovered a clashed 14.1 coin. When shown to Leroy Van Allen, the die stage 1878-P VAM-14.1A was added. The question came up as to whether or not an unclashed VAM 14.1 existed, since all coins that had been identified as VAM 14.1 and further examined were found to be VAM 14.1A.
3. A true VAM 14.1 was finally verified in 2005, and has been personally examined and called "unique" by Mark Kimpton. A second coin came to light in July 2006 and was the first to be sold on the open market. The unclashed VAM 14.1 below has a prooflike obverse, as does another specimen that has been verified. [As of 2012, several other specimens are known; but the coin appears to merit a rarity rating higher that its original R-4.]
4. For registration at the SSDC Registry, a coin is not VAM-14.1 if it shows evidence of clashing - even if the partial letter transfer is not clear. Those with any clashing are registered as VAM-14.1A.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Tailfeather shot - A1K Reverse:
1878p vam14 1 a.jpg
Die scratch in the protected area of the leg for attribution on mint state coins:
1878p vam14 1 b.jpg
The "best" obverse marker is this rough patch over the M of UNUM.
1878p vam14 1 c redo.jpg
There is a die chip next to the star adjacent to the same M of UNUM.
1878p vam14 1 d.jpg
Photo of the first confirmed 14.1 known with no clash marks.

Full Coin Photos

1878 8TF VAM 14.1 Obverse.jpg
VAM-14.1A was discovered in 2003 and may be included in the totals.