2020 Discoveries

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2020 VAM Discoveries

Morgan VAMs

  1. 1880-P VAM-82 Doubled 880, Right Wreath, Die Chips Below 18 *New 2020*
  2. 1881-S VAM-1F Acid Treated Leaves Left Wreath *New 2020*
  3. 1882-P VAM-42 Doubled Date and Reverse Wreath Leaves & Letters Lfcp-icon.jpg *New 2020*
  4. 1882-S VAM-40 Doubled Date *New 2020*
  5. 1884-O VAM-56 Very Far Date, O Mint Mark Tilted Left, Doubled Arrow Heads *New 2020*
  6. 1884-O VAM-56A Very far date, O Tilted Left, Dbld Arrow Heads, Clashed Obv DO, Rev IB *New 2020*
  7. 1885-O VAM-35 Dash Under 8, O/O Left Slanted, Thread Impression Upper Lip *New 2020*
  8. 1886-P VAM-27A Doubled Ear, Die Break Wing Tip *New 2020*
  9. 1900-S VAM-5A Near Date, High S, Displaced Field Break MERI *New 2020*
  10. 1900-S VAM-27A Near Slanted Date, High S, Displaced Field Breaks UNITE, AMERI *New 2020*
  11. 1921-P VAM-1AC3 Displaced Field Break at E-P, A,R, & Obv Stars, Die file lines in STATES *New 2020*
  12. 1921-P VAM-3A1c Scribbling Die Scratches, Spiked Tail Feather, Die Gouges Stage 1 *New 2020*

Peace VAMs

  1. 1922-P VAM-2FH Collar Clash PEA *New 2020*
  2. 1922-P VAM-12B Doubled Lower Reverse, Collar Clash Reverse *New 2020*
  3. 1922-D VAM-2AG2 Die Breaks Neck & 9, UNIT *New 2020*
  4. 1922-D VAM-2O3 Die File Lines Rear Rays, Die Breaks Y & RT *New 2020*