1903-P VAM-16

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1903-P VAM-16 Doubled Profile, Slanted Date, Doubled Reverse Lettering

Discovered September 2016 by Ronald Gapa, Revised 2018 by Ron Gapa. Revised 2019 by Andrew Wojtowich/Ron Gapa
16 (revised) III2 13 - C4i (Doubled Profile, Slanted Date, Doubled Reverse Lettering) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 13 - Slightly doubled Liberty head profile from nose to chin. Slightly slanted date with 1 closer to rim than 3. Very slightly doubled right inside of ear. Die Marker - Curvy thread-like die impression between TY of LIBERTY.
Die 2 Die Marker - Two dots below upper hair curl & very slightly doubled portions of cap top.
Die 3 Die Marker - Double vertical die polishing lines in front of eye.

Reverse C4i - Hub doubling of legend and motto letters similar to VAM-10. Die marker - Single vertical polishing line on bottom two outer feathers of eagle's left wing.
Die 2 Die Marker - Crossed short polishing lines in middle of eagle's left wing outer feathers.
Die 3 Die Marker - Over polished center of eagle's left wing with vertical die polishing lines.

1. 1903P LVA Discovery Letter
2. Revision 2018 Die #2 - Two dots below upper hair curl & very slightly doubled portions of cap top.
3. LVA Revision letter Die 3 Jun 2019


LVA Plate Photos:


1903P V-16 Rev 001.jpg
Andywoj00 03PV16D3 Polish lines eye front.jpg Andywoj00 03PV16D3 Polish wing with lines.jpg

Additional Photos:

Next 6 photos of DC courtesy: ron1883
Rmg 1903P 091516a.jpg Rmg 1903P 091516b.jpg

Rmg 1903P 091516c.jpg Rmg 1903P 091516d.jpg

Rmg 1903P 091516e.jpg Rmg 1903P 080816u.jpg

Full Coin Photos

LFCP by SD Members. DC courtesy: ron1883 attributed by Leroy Van Allen.
1903P RMRGLE010818dV16 Obv 2000 LFCP.jpg

1903P RMRGLE010818dV16 Rev 2000 LFCP.jpg
Discovery coin - PCGS MS-61

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-16 Die 3 images on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich . Attributed by Leroy Van Allen.