1885-P VAM-28

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1885-P VAM-28 Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date

28 III2 25 - C3a (Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 25- Possible top of 8 showing in denticle space between 8 _5 as raised curved bar. Date set further right than normal.
Reverse C3a- Very slightly doubled lower edges of a arrow shaft and feathers.
1- Very light hair line crack going through the Hair, L, I, B. of liberty, Polish line in front of Eye
2- Filled G of God, Clear crook, Beginning of a lateral Die crack forming above the F in OF
3- This variety is the EDS of VAM-1L

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

Second specimen shown in the 5 photos below.
Photo 1. FAR/Normal date placement.
Photo 2. Crack has begun to form in denticles above E in E PLURIBUS.
Photo 3. The top of I in LIBERTY has a horizontal polishing line. There is also a faint crack that runs from the L to the I.
Photo 4. There is a single horizontal polishing line at the top of the bow opening.
Photo 5. The "dot" in the middle of the eagle's abdomen is also found on VAM 1L.

Full Coin Photos

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