1879-P VAM-82

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1879-P VAM-82 Doubled Profile, Cap Top & 9

Discovery 2015
82 III2 71 - C3a (Doubled Profile, Cap Top & 9 ) (179) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 71 - Slightly doubled Liberty head profile from forehead down to nose, lips and chin. Slightly doubled Phrygian cap top and 9 under upper loop left outside.
Die marker - Several horizontal polishing lines at hair bottom edge at front of forehead.
Reverse C3a - Several polishing lines at top of eagle's left wing.

Comments: Appears to be a duplicate listing of VAM 32!


LVA Plate Photos:

RBF1879V82b.jpg RBF1879V82c.jpg

RBF1879V82d.jpg RBF1879V82a.jpg

Additional Photos:

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