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Post by VAM-PIRE » Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:02 am

GREETINGS, I have recently been informed that a dividend will be coming my way after the first of the year. I had no idea. Nothing major, but some freedom to dabble in the coin market. Those who know me know I am looking for a deal. Those who don't know me, I'm looking for a deal. Parameters-NGC or PCGS graded and attributed Morgans, 60 and up. Email if interested

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Post by morganman » Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:39 am

Well Sir; Merry HO ho to YOU AS WELL; Not sure if you are aware that most picker vammers
are cheap scates -I said most, others are the real deal
and offer/buy reasonable offers to extend sets or etc

When you publicly state you want really good deals thats
fine but my experience here is that its hard to get any interest
period. I recently offered a 20% discount on all my vams to no
interest, suggesting that not much discretionary cash is laying
around here on VW. Sad when you cant liquidate inventory

Simply put, i fear cheap scates here on VW are more common than not,
and listing is a waste of effort, in general. Vams like silver have tanked
and our poor vams are ill liquid to make it worse. At least bullion
is totally liquid asset, easily bought and sold.

Sorry to rain on the coin parade but it truly is a continued loser
of any premiums IMHO If anybody is collecting thinking to make
a investment profit please be cautious, due homework first, and
try buying bulk/wholesale and then you may break even

I love coins but facts are facts so good luck

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Post by VAM-PIRE » Thu Dec 26, 2019 3:09 am

Dear Mr. Morganman; I'm assuming you are not interested in my proposal, but you would be surprised how many are. I certainly meant no disrespect to anyone, and I hope I have not broken any rules. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

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Post by morganman » Thu Dec 26, 2019 7:08 pm

Vam-pire; No problem as i to like to buy as cheap as possible, especially in this mkt
Your statement that many here are interested in selling is vindication for me
that many here need to sell,even at heavy discounts, just to liquidate in this
super ill liquid/lousy mkt. I am quite frustrated, as i have the toughest job
on liquidating thousands & thousands of coins. If i needed money, i'd be super
screwed. I guess i 'll develop a plan to mkt these Coins from the grave LOL

Really hate talking down on my beloved Morgans, as i love pickin and buying, but
im a realist first and collector/ investor their after and the future looks quite cloudy
especially for us retirement age folks.

Good luck & Regards SCOTT

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Post by Options25 » Thu Dec 26, 2019 8:58 pm

Some of us are buyers - quality still demands a premium and we are willing to pay. Buying a few hundred for investment though might require a discount. I have no clue why or how some of the people claiming to be buying PCGS 63 coins for less than the grading fees boggles my mind. I'd be a buyer until my house had two mortgages.

In regards to the original post - I would be buying very high grade specimens or decent graded rarities, maybe a few 14.XX or a scarface. I've seen a few discounted but they will certainly hold value better than some common vams. But all are still fun to find and buy in my book.


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Post by CascadeChris » Thu Dec 26, 2019 11:26 pm

Hey walt, I sure know how much you like good deals lol. I do have something right up your alley, a real "steal." Its Christmas so why not :mrgreen: 🎄🎁

...How about a rare E-clasher. The 1889-o VAM 20A in PCGS au58 with VSS sticker?

A couple 55's recently sold on Ebay for $400-500. I can find no recently "sold" 58s for price comparison, only 2 on Ebay for $1000-1500 (moon money imo, I think)

I have this one priced at what I figure is a true "top-retail" price for a 58 at $850.. How does $500 sound?.. au55 money for a PCGS/VSS 58! 😎

Let me know either way, I wont have any trouble getting 55 money for a 58 so if you dont want it I'll offer it to another friend but you have first shot since we've done some decent biz in the past.

I know your OP says 60 or up but this is one heck of a deal on a rare E-VAM if you want it.. and she is sexier than most 60-62's as you can see.

Merry Christmas..

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