1881-S and 1886-0

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1881-S and 1886-0

Post by Maggie3 » Fri May 10, 2019 2:39 pm

Hi, I need a little bit of help here. I'm an appraisor/consignment antique seller and have been commissioned to value a sell a Morgan collection. I haven't done too bad considering I'm pretty confident that I nailed the I'd on the other twenty four Morgan's, but these two seem to have so many variations, and I went down the list for both and viewed them all and there doesn't seem to be a match. I have then been trolling the forums, and checked the counterfits. I even tested the coins to ensure they were actually coin grade silver. (They are) so now I am stuck. And asking the experts. Especially as I'm on someone else's dime. This site is awesome by the way! I can't wait to browse it more!!!
Okay photos at the end of this, but the first is a 1886-O it appears to have a greater than 90% ccw turn to another stike below it. The branch and arrows 90%to the right, the eagle head including beak and eye are visiable under the left wing. America is visiable with scans between the wreath and then word one. The O seems very flat but shows signs of possibly being struck at one point. It's a natural size and shaped O. Above the ribbon is what appears to be a S mintmark. That one baffles me as I don't see anything that would cause an S to be there. It made me wonder at first on the Id of the understrike. There is a void below the left wing, and a large die crack below the eagles head. Besides the mint mark damage I would judge this coin to be MS and recomend grading prior to the sale of it, but with the funds limitation of the owner at the moment I am not sure that is possible. The first two photos are of this above discribed coin. It is also near gold toned and has a cud on the star to the direct right of the date. Scan is the second photo. Possiable late vam 11?
The second coin is the 1881-S it is an obverse and reverse double die with a large die crack and doubling slightly to the South east on the entire coin. Hair, ears, stars, words, date, wreath, mintmark as well. Actually mint mark may be a RPD. This one looked like non of the photos. The vam 33 looked as close as it was gonna get, and still doesn't look like this coin. It does have a die gouge on the left leaf of the wreath. It is possibly as high as a ms 64 my cell phone isn't doing this mirror justice. The final photo is the 1881s included are the only flaws I can find on the entire coin. Note:it ended up downloading in the second spot.
With an idea of the vam Id numbers I am able to navigate ngccoins.com quite well to find the values. My client has some beautiful coins These are from an older collection I believe and have been inherited by someone whom needs to dispose of them in the next six to eight weeks. I'm commissioned to value and sell as my fees are set and not based on the value of what I am selling. He has been a champ to deal with. I would be delighted to let him know they are worth something more than grade. I suspect the 1886-o is a possiable extreem dieclash. Eye and beak placement put it at a 95% CCW, while I think the 1881s is gonna be closer to reasonable, but I defer to the experts and would appreciate any help... Thanks 😊 (oh and personally I am a nickel gal myself but was extremely dissapointed when you prior web page closed. I was scrambling for info back then on an inherited collection myself. I'm delighted to find this sourse of info is back and already having a much smoother manuvering ability. Y'all run a tight ship and my best regards for it. Oh and I'm new to researching quite a few Morgan's at once, I'll give myself more time before I bite off that job again, but I have been on NGC archives, heritage archives, and scoured cherry Pickers if there is another good source anyone recommends I'd love to get it. My family has been appraisors for many years and the coin valuing torch has been passed down. We are avid readers and would be glad of vam reading recommendations too.
1886-o rotated die tempur scan.
7781~2.jpeg (241.98 KiB) Viewed 410 times
1881 -s ddo/ddr with large cap die crack
7611.jpeg (122.95 KiB) Viewed 410 times
1886-o golden die crack and rotated die?
7628.jpeg (119.47 KiB) Viewed 410 times

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Re: 1881-S and 1886-0

Post by blh74 » Sat May 11, 2019 1:12 am

I don`t see a O mint mark. Let the experts help you. I think it looks Chinese, sorry.

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Re: 1881-S and 1886-0

Post by DHalladay » Sat May 11, 2019 12:43 pm

The S coin looks real, but the other one looks fake to me too. I'd like to see shots of the obverse, though.
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Re: 1881-S and 1886-0

Post by VamHelsing » Sat May 11, 2019 4:04 pm

Appears to be fake to me.

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