1878-S Top 30 Complete Set

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Re: 1878-S Top 30 Complete Set

Post by vamnuke » Sat Feb 13, 2021 8:03 pm

Lew makes a good point. But, the comprehensive 1878-S guide authored by Lickenbrock and VanAllen shed doubt on either’s existence. Funny thing, this strange series, we have had resurrections from the dead like 1C after it was noted there was a difference between 1C and 95 and then there’s V10. There are other mysteries within the series like v54 (where are you?). On the other hand, it irks me when you can’t complete a set because something does not really exist anymore, like V1 & 2. Yep, no real good answer...

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Re: 1878-S Top 30 Complete Set

Post by alefzero » Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:14 am

It is more of a situation of functionality. While it is possible one might resurrect, it is less likely than a new one is discovered that is not yet listed. Should one come to fore, we can always add it. An general policy with the Registry is to catalogue and insert into sets varieties that are supported here with documentation (for the Morgan and Peace series). That should be the policy for discoveries that are not yet inserted here at VW as well as those not imaged and especially where there is either no image in the big book or it is highly suggestive of being a duplicate listing (like 1879-S VAM-20) or in error (like the 1880-O VAM-2A and the 1900-S VAM-3A) and also cases we can reason away, like 1878 VAM-11 and VAM-13. The specialists will mostly probably still look for those weirdos as well as unlisted finds. If they come up, their Registry absence will provide fertile discussion. This is not to suggest that we should purge the majority of those not yet represented in the Registry nor that it not be approached without reasonable communion and discussion among those who understand the date well.

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