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This is me saying goodbye to the old cathedral and hello to the new one......

Member Name: Todd Pollock, Blu62vette

What I like to collect:
I collect Morgans and some commemoratives and gold. Pretty much whatever catches my eye. Lately I am a sucker for PL and DMPL's.

Favorite VAMs:
My favorite VAMs are the obvious ones. Overdates, doubled mintmarks (O/O, S/S, etc.) and clashes like the rev E clashes. Fortunately my short list of VAM's to get is getting a little shorter.

I am not nearly as good as those here when it comes to the identification of VAM's, for me what I really enjoy is photographing VAM's. My site is BluCC if you feel like seeing more photos. Here are a couple for grins. If you ever have any VAMs you want photographed please let me know.

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1880-O hangnail

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1898-S S/S

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