In Memoriam

VAMWorld prides itself on being a community that has developed a family feel for many. Like most families, there are good times and bad, strong relationships and strained ones. We also experience loss from time to time, which is never easy for any family. This page serves as a memorial to members of the VAMWorld family who are no longer with us. Each link below is to a thread on the discussion board about one of our members. If you knew someone, leave a comment. If you're new to VAMWorld and don't know these people, you can at least see the type of familial connections that have been established. While it is our hope that this list is seldom updated, it is here to celebrate the memories of those who have passed.

Norm Salter ("nesvt") 1961-2017
Nate Mailliard ("Metalencephalon") 1986-2017
Mike Andrew, Passed 10-14-2015
Pat Sisler ("oldboats") 1954-2012