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My wife and I on vacation a year or two ago

Member Name:

My user name origin:
DireWolf is from a Grateful Dead song I like. 1972 being my birthyear.

Location: currently Western KY although NC is where all my family lives.

Occupation: waiter

What I like to collect:
Everything (OCD can be fun).

A few of my more noteworthy collections are:
1970 454 Super Sport Chevelle, 1972 Volkswagen Type II camper model (hippie bus to some), my Harley Davidson Ironhead mutt (assembled from parts ranging from 1962-2002) and four other parts cars and daily drivers.
Guns: far too many to attempt to list.
Antique Clocks: I have several nice 19th century clocks
Books: over 2000 books including several first editions and signed ones.
And of course VAMs :)

Other things I like to do for fun:
Designing webpages, photography, fishing, and spending time with my wife.

About my avatar:
1888 O VAM-7A (my first VAM). I accidentally stumbled into a VAM-7A one day in my local B&M. I didnt know anything about VAMs at the time I just remember someone posting a 7A on the CU forums and everyone commenting on how hard they were to find.

Add me on FaceBook:
Not for those easily offended by my weird views on life, but feel free to add me if you like.

First VAM:
1888 O VAM-7A
Best score: making a PCGS MS61 1887 P VAM-1A Donkey Tail
Best score raw (IE problem coin): 1883 P VAM-10 cleaned
VAMs I keep chasing: 1887 P VAM-1B and 1923 VAM-1C. No telling how many times I've thought I nailed one down only to have it arrive and be a miss.
VAMs I would most like to cherry someday: 1888 O Scarface, 1921 S Thornhead 1B7, and 1891 O VAM-3A

News: I've yet to go to a major coin show. I am hoping to make the St. Charles (St. Louis) show in October.