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1889-O VAM-23A Long Radial Reverse Break
Discovered by John Coxe

23A III2 13 - C3f (Double Ear, 18 Tilted Right, High O, Die Break T) (181) I-3 R-6
Reverse C3f - Radial die crack from denticles above right T in States down thru d in God and eagle's beak. Diplaced field break above T.

1- The Discoverer also states the connection of this exact reverse is from the VAM-8 series, Further research will reveal this is the exact reverse plated for VAM 8. Note the lump inside the D of DOLLAR. Date
2- R-6 is its rating and 12 specimens are in the registry right now
3- Condition census is tough, MS63 is top right now but the TPG ers are tough on grading this series because of the price jump
from MS-63 to MS-64
4- Currently the only list this is on in the registry is slot # 19 "Them's the Breaks set"


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