1921-D VAM-1X Rim Cud at E . P

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, October 2001
(Became 1X2 part of 2013 1X1 discovery)

This Variety is a Hit List 40 and a WOW! Morgan VAM.

1X IV 1 · D2a (Rim Cud at E - P) (189) I-5 R-7
Obverse IV 1– Large rim cud die break at E-P extending into tops of letters. Small die break in denticles below 1. Center of coin is weakly struck.
(PCGS MS # 134056)

COMMENTS: VAM-1X is the “King” of 1921-D varieties. It has a humongous rim cud die break at E-P on the obverse extending down into the tops of letters. There is also small die break in the denticles below the 1 in the date.

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An amazing cud is formed above the E and P of E PLURIBUS. 1921-Ds often have a die crack at this position, but on this coin the die actually broke and a piece along the rim fell away. Leroy Van Allen marveled that this is one of the most extreme cuds of the Morgan series.


Note that the center of the coin is weakly struck due to the large volume of metal that could escape into the cud location.



There is only one VAM-1X known today. Since the break is so completely visible, it is unlikely that there are many left undiscovered. This will be one of the “stoppers” in assembling a complete collection of 1921-D die breaks or the Hit List 40.

Coin courtesy of Jeff Oxman, Founder of the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors (SSDC)

Some images of the reverse. Thanks again to Jeff Oxman and to the photographer for the favor:





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1 known (pictured here) PCGS XF40