1890-O VAMs

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Official Listing
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1 Normal Die
VAM-Delisted.jpg1890-O VAM-1A (Eliminated, became VAM-29A)
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1B Clashed Obverse In & st, Reverse M (Super CD: Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars)
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1C Denticle Impressions Below Tail Feathers (Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1D Pierced Eagle’s Right LegFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1E Over Polished Reverse Field Edge
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1F Crumbled Field Below Right StarsFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1G Denticle Impressions below Arrow Feathers
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1H Denticle Impressions Olive Leaves, Die Edge Gouges Leg Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1I Denticle Impressions, Below Left Olive Branch Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1J Die Scratches Eagle's Left Leg Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2 High O
VAM-Delisted.jpg1890-O VAM-2A High O, Clashed Obverse G & t (Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam)
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2A1 High O, Clashed Obverse G & tFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2A2 High O, Clashed Obverse G & t, Die Break S-O
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2B High O, Polishing Lines Tail Feathers
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2C1 High O, Die Gouge Olive Branch Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2C2 High O, Die Gouge Olive Branch, Clashed Obverse G & t, Reverse M Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2D High O, Gouges Wing Body, Possible denticle impressions at Tail Feathers
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-2E High O, Beveled Cap Top
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-3 O Tilted Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-4 Doubled 0, O/O Inside
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-4A Doubled 0, O/O Inside, Clashed Obverse G, t (Super CD: Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars) Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-4B Doubled 0, O/O Inside, Clashed Obverse G, t, Rusted Die NE Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-4C Doubled 0, O/O Inside, Clashed Obv. G, t, Rusted Die NE, Die Break America (WOW! Morgan VAM) Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-5 Doubled 9
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-6 O Set High and LeftFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-7 Slanted Date
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-7A Slanted Date, High O, Spiked Eagle’s NeckFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-7B Slanted Date, High O, Spiked Eagle’s Neck,Clashed Obverse n Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1890-O VAM-8 O Tilted Right
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-9 Far Date
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-10 Comet Die Gouge (Hot 50 and WOW! Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-10A Comet Die Gouge, Die Gouge Rev O (Hot 50 and WOW! Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpgngcvam.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-11 Near Date, Doubled Ear & Cap Top, O Set High and Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1890-O VAM-12 O/O Down
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-13 Near Date, High O
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-13A Near Date, High O, Extreme Die Wear ReverseFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-14 Far Date, High OFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-14A Far Date, High O, Many Die Chips Reverse Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-14B Far Date, High O, Clashed nFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-15 High Date, O Set RightFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1890-O VAM-16 High O Shifted Right
camera.jpg 1890-O VAM-16A High O Shifted Right, Die Scratches Olive Leaves Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-16B High O Shifted Right, Denticle Impressions Below Ribbon
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1890-O VAM-17 Very Far Date, High O
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1890-O VAM-18 Doubled Wreath
VAM-Delisted.jpg1890-O VAM-19 (Eliminated, same as VAM-4)
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-20 Doubled Ear & Cotton Leaves, Right Reverse (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)pcgsvam.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-21 Near Date, Doubled Top of Ear & Cap
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-22 Near Date, Doubled Profile & Cap, O Set High & LeftFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-23 Doubled Arrows
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-24 Doubled 1
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-25 Doubled 9 Top Line
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-26 890 Tops in Denticles
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-27 Doubled Ear, Far Date, High O
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-28 Possible 0 Top in Denticles
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-28A Possible 0 Top in Denticles, Clashed Obverse n & st
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-28B Possible 0 Top in Denticles, Denticle Impressions Wreath Bow, Clashed Obverse n & st Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-29 Doubled Ear, High OFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-29A Doubled Ear, High O, Die Gouges E, Rim Cuds Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-29B Double Ear, High O, Rim Cuds Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-29C Double Ear, High O, Beveled Periphery Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-30 Doubled Ear and Arrow Feathers
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-30A Doubled Ear and Arrow Feathers, Rim CudsFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-31 Doubled 9, O Tilted LeftFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-32 Doubled Ear, Far Date, O Set Right Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-33 Far Date, Die Gouges Eagle, Two Sets Denticle Impressions Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-34 High O Tilted Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1890-O VAM-35 Doubled Ear,Very Far Slanted Date,High O. *New 2017*

1890-O Vam Not Assigned Varieties

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Condition Census:

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Full-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg Full coin photo, needs to be replaced with better one.
VAM-Delisted.jpg VAM has been eliminated altogether or phased into another number.
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pcgsvam.jpg This VAM is recognized by PCGS.
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