1889-P VAM Not Assigned Varieties

The 1889-P VAM-15 (doubled ear obverse) has an interesting reverse die break that includes a "T with ears." It is a conspicuous break, but the "ears" on the T have been deemed by Leroy to be too small to list:

This next 1889-P VNA variety shows apparent doubling on the inside of the obverse stars. Leroy comments, "Dblg on inside of left stars has pushed-in shiny sides from die sliding sideways... Die dblg would have dull rounded tops."
The "shiny flat tops" are the key to attributing strike doubling. See 1881-S VNA Varieties for a similar coin.

The same coin also has heavy die polishing. Leroy notes, "Lots of fine die polishing lines in LIBERTY & hair but not visible to naked eye. Would be useful as a die marker, however, if needed."

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