1888-O VAM-9 Doubled Arrows, Doubled Wreath, 18-8 in Denticles

Discovered by Henry Dierkoph, October 1975.

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

9(revised) III215 · C3e (Doubled Wreath, 18-8 in Denticles) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III215– Top of 18 – 8 showing and denticles as short raised tip on denticle below first 8 and short raised bar in adjacent left denticle space. Outline of curved bar in fields between denticles in space to left of second 8 an below third 8.
Reverse C3e– Doubled lower reverse with middle outside of right wreath strongly doubled. Top inside of ONE DOLLAR and bottom inside of ERICA letters doubled. Right star doubled on left side. Bottom of eagle’s tail feathers, arrow shafts and olive leaves slightly doubled. III O mint mark.

1888-O VAM-9 Doubled Arrows. On this variety, the arrows carried by the eagle on the reverse are strongly doubled. The bottom of the arrow shafts and the lower portion of the arrow heads show this 2nd image. This VAM is one of the easier varieties to locate, especially in high grades.

Note: Occurs with rotated reverse of 15-28 degrees CW & 15-175 CCW.

LVA Plate Photos:

Additional photos:
The mintmark is upright and set ever so slightly to the left. The left ribbon end
is clearly notched. Two horizontal lines can be seen in the top of the bow opening.
The obverse features a misplaced date, with the digits 18 in the denticles below
and to the right of the first 8 in the date. This fades on later stages, but the tip of
the 1 will still show from the top of the denticle.

A number of die polishing lines can be found in the letters of LIBERTY

Adding a couple images from my MS66DMPL below. Note that the bump at the top of the denticle that is the top of the misplaced 1 digit is an excellent cherrypicking pickup point in viewing obverses in dealers' cases.

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From Heritage's auction archives another here not rotated plus great HA plates

Price History:

1888-O VAM-9 PCGS MS65 $732 eBay July, 2006.
1888-O VAM-9 NGC MS 63 $45.76 eBay Jan-21-2007
1888-O VAM-9 NGC MS63 $53.01 eBay Oct-19-2008

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