1881-S VAMs

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camera.jpg1881-S Acid Treated Die

Official Listing
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-1 Normal Die
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-1A Spike in 8's
camera.jpg 1881-S VAM-1A1 Spike in Left 8, Die Chips 8's *New 2017*
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-1B Die Chip on Wing (WOW! Morgan VAM)Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-1C Die Chip in Leaves #2Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-1D Spike in 8's, Die Gouge OFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-2 Doubled 8
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-3 Dash Under 8
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-4 Doubled 18-1, Tripled Left 8
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-5 S/S Left, Doubled Reverse Legend
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-6 S/S Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-7 S/S Left & Up, Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-8 S/S Right
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-8A S/S Right, Die Chips in 8's Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-9 Doubled and Spiked 8's
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-10 S/S Left
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-11 Doubled 18-1
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-12 S/S Surface
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-13 S/S Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-14 S/S Far Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-14A Pitted Reverse Above D of DOLLAR
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-15 Doubled 88, S/S Far LeftFull-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-16 Die Chip in LeavesFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-17 Doubled 18-1, S/S Down
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-18 S/S Down
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-19 Doubled Date, S/S Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-20 S/S Up
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-21 Doubled 88, S Tilted Right
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-22 Slanted Date, S Set Left,Doubled Right Reverse
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-23 Doubled 18, S Tilted Right
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-24 Doubled 18-1, S/S Left and Up
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-25 Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-26 Doubled Date, S/S Left and Up
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-27 Doubled 18-1
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-28 Doubled 1-1, S/S Left
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-29 Doubled First 8
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-30 S/S Left and Up
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-31 Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-32 Doubled 88, S Set Left, Doubled Top Reverse
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-33 Doubled 8, High S
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-34 Doubled 188, S/S Far Left
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-35 Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-36 S Tilted Right
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-37 Doubled 18-1, S Tilted Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-38 Doubled and Spiked 8's, High SFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-39 Doubled 18-1, Dash Under 8 Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-40 Doubled 18-1, S/S Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-41 Doubled 8-1, S/S Line
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-41A Die Chip wreath
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-42 S Tilted Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-42A S Tilted Left, Die Scratch Below Wing
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-43 S/S Curve
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-44 Tripled 8, S Tilted Left
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-45 Doubled 18, S/S
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-46 Doubled First 8, S Set High
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-47 Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-48 Doubled 8-1
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1881-S VAM-49 Doubled 18, S Set Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-50 Doubled 18, S/S
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg 1881-S VAM-51 Doubled 18, S Tilted Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-52 8 in Denticles
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-53 8 in Denticles
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-54 Doubled 18–1
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-54A Doubled 18–1, Reverse Die Break
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-54B Doubled 18–1, Reverse Die Break Eagle to RimFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg (Hit List 40 and WOW! Morgan Vam)pcgsvam.jpg(PCGS labels as 54)
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-55 S/S
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-56 Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-56A Doubled 18 Die file lines obverse
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-57 Doubled Motto, S Tilted Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-58 Tripled 8 Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-59 Doubled Cap & Hair Edge
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-60 Doubled Right Stars & Right Wreath
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-61 Possible 1 in DenticlesFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-62 Doubled Left Reverse
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-63 Doubled Phrygian Cap, S Set Left Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-64 Doubled 8 & Left Reverse
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-65 Tripled Right Stars, Spike in 8
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-66 Doubled 18-1Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-67 Doubled 18, S Tilted Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-68 Doubled Phrygian Cap
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-68A Doubled Phrygian Cap, Displaced Field BreakFull-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-69 Doubled 18, S/S Up & LeftFull-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-70 Doubled Cap Top, Lower Hair Edge and Arrow Shafts
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-71 Doubled Left 8Full-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-72 Doubled Left 8, Die Scratch TYFull-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-73 Tripled Left 8, Doubled Left Reverse
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-74 Hub Polishing Below 18, S Tilted RightFull-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-75 Doubled 18, Die scratches wing
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-76 Doubled, Acid Treated Wreaths & Bow
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1881-S VAM-77 Doubled Date, S/S
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-78 Doubled 18
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-79 Doubled 18-1, S/S Left
camera.jpg1881-S VAM-80 Dash 8, Die Flakes 8

camera.jpg 1881-S VNA Varieties

Price History:

1881-S VAM-11 PCGS MS64 $57.38 VAMquest 2/07

Condition Census:

camera.jpg Photos of diagnostics shown on page.
Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg Photos of full coin shown on page.
Full-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg Full coin photo, needs to be replaced with better one.
VAM-Delisted.jpg VAM has been eliminated altogether or phased into another number.
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ngcvam.jpg This VAM is recognized by NGC.

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