1880-O VAM-5 Crossbar Overdate, Oval O

Discovered by Ted Clark, November 1968. (Revised 2011 James Cerny)

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

5 (revised) III2 4 - C3b (8/7 Ear) (176) I-4 R-5
Obverse III2 4- 8 repunched over 7 in date. Metal in top loop of second 8. Different than VAM-4. Faint ear above 8 on left.
No metal in 0. Right 8 slightly doubled at lower left outside of upper loop and 0 at left inside bottom outside.
Left and right stars doubled towards rim. Very slightly double top of Phrygian cap and UNUM.
Reverse C3b- Die scratch below wreath center, within mark opening, below the arrow shaft, and a spike of metal from the eagle's left wing to the eagle's neck.
Medium tall II O mint mark.

1- This 1880/79 overdate has a strong remnant of the 7 under the 8 that can be seen as metal in the upper loop of the 8.
Both the 1880-O VAM-5 and VAM-4 have a large quantity of metal in this upper loop. The easiest way to tell the two VAMs apart
is looking at the mint mark on the reverse. The larger oval O is a VAM-5 and micro O mint mark is VAM-4.


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Additional photos:

VAM-5 Small O Centers and Tilted set slightly left.............VAM-4 Micro O Centered and Tilted Right

Die scratch below wreath center.

Date indicating doubled '0'

Wing to neck spike

Arrow feather end to leaf scratch,

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Price History:
1880-O VAM 5 8/7 Crossbar AU55 PCGS $86.50 eBay 12/28/2008 120354018401

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