1880-CC VAM-6 8/7 Overdate Set Low

Discovered by Walter Breen, October 1964.

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

6 III2 5 ∙ C3d (8/7 Low) (177) I-5 R-4
Obverse II2 5 – 8 repunched over 7 in date with the original 7 pinched low. The ears are faint above the 8 and the crossbar and stem of the 7 show strongly. The bottom of the 7's stem shows well below the 8. A small piece of metal with polishing marks shows at the bottom inside of the 0. First 8 has diagonal polishing marks inside partially filled loops.
Reverse C3d – Normal die of C3 type with centered small I CC mint mark and slanted arrow feathers. CC has a dot of metal in center of each C. Die scratch through M of AMERICA, bottom of eagle's right wing and inside of eagle's left wing.

1- The VAM-6 8/7 set low overdate feature has a strong 7 showing beneath the 8. The 7 is set lower than the similar VAM-5 overdate. The reverse of both of these VAMs has a 1879 reverse with the slanted arrow feathers that angle down toward the shaft rather than running parallel to it.
2- This Reverse die was used on VAM-6 and VAM-8.

No LVA Plate Photo:

Additional photos:
Slanted Arrow feathers - Reverse of 1879
Crud in centers of "CC" mint mark, Polishing Line thru M of AMERICA, Polishing line thru bottom of Eagle's right wing

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1880-CC VAM-6 PCGS MS63 $510 eBay Mar-7-2010

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