1879-CC VAM-3 Capped Die - Large Over Small CC

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965. Reverse discovered by Art Kagin October 1962.
Revised: 2-29-12-oldcollectorcoins as part of the 3A discovery.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

3 (revised) III2 3 ∙ C3c (Large Over Small CC, Doubled Date) (178) I-5 R-6
Obverse III2 3 Doubled date with 18 strongly doubled at top outside, 8 also doubled at lower inside of upper loop, 7 at lower serif and 9 at
bottom outside of lower loop.
Reverse C3c Rough raised metal above and within CC mint mark, a large over small mint mark, G in God filled on LDS specimens.

Comments: The VAM-3 Capped Die variety shows die chips around the mint mark believed to be a large mint mark stamped over a small one.
The remaining mint mark chips are thought to be caused from attempts to obliterate the smaller underlying mint mark from the die with engraving tools.

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Some Capped Die reverses also show a filled G in GOD of the motto.

The VAM-3 obverse also has the 18 in the date strongly doubled at the top and the open 9 slightly doubled at the bottom.
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Price History:

1879-CC VAM-3 ANACS MS61 $3,250 eBay Feb-17-2007
1879-CC VAM-3 NGC XF45 $642.63 eBay Jan-13-2007

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*The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys Copyright 2009 RCI. With permission from the authors Michael S. Fey, Ph.D., http://www.rcicoins.com, and Jeff Oxman, http://www.vamlink.com
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