1878-P VAM-221A Cut Down A, Doubled Left Reverse, Denticle Impressions Wreath Bow

Discovered October, 2007 by Brian Raines.

221A II1 -C3b (Cut Down A, Doubled Left Reverse, Denticle Impressions Wreath Bow) (180) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1– Gouge transects the small wheat leaf below the letter "I" in PLURIBUS. This die is shared with the VAM-227-1.
Reverse C3b– Three diagonal polishing lines in the wreath bow. Some specimens have four raised dots resulting from denticle impressions left of the wreath bow.

Comments: " About one third of all VAM-221A's have clashed denticles marks to the left of the wreath bow ". From Mark Witkower's excellent guide " Official Guide to the 1878 Reverse of ' 79 Varieties."
"Good day gentlemen.
The denticle impressions occur on the mid\late die state of the coin. I have 2 full PL examples of the early die state. No denticles marks are present. LDS versions have the denticle marks, but they progressively become weaker as the die wears.

I have not found a terminal state for the 221A reverse. The only interesting fact that I’ve uncovered is the 221A obverse die was given a “good” repolishing after being separated from the reverse. Of course, it was then mated with the 228B reverse (line thru “O” of OF), thus creating a 227.1. I do have a 227.1 EDS with a very deep one-sided PL obverse. Unfortunately, there is no smoking gun on the 227.1 obverse that would allow me to conclude what caused the 221A reverse die’s demise.


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Gouge across small wheat leaf

Denticle impressions and polishing lines in wreath bow

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Condition Census: discovery piece-ANACs au details cleaned