1878-P VAM-199.2 Doubled P, Missing Feathers

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, September 1999.

Eliminated, became VAMs 116B and C

199.2 II/I 18 B2f (Doubled P, Missing Feathers) ( ? ) I-2 R-6
This is actually the LDS of 1878-P VAM-116.

Obervse II/I 18 - Doubled P, L, R, and B in PLURIBUS.
1 doubled top right. Lower nostril missing.
Reverse B2a - This variety has the parallel arrow feather, short nock B2 reverse. Die chips around RU of TRUST.

COMMENTS: VAM-116 has been combined with VAM-199-2, as they are die stages of the same die. In fact, no less than five different die stages have been confirmed.


Die chip behind the eye with a small die crack running up into the hair.

Full O in GOD, some crumbling in the top of the G.

Polished away wing feather, parallel arrow feather, short nock.

Interesting die gouges / polish on the lower reverse:

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