1878-P VAM-131C Die Scratch Thru IB

131C II 2 B2a (Die Scratch Thru IB) (180) I-2 R-5
Obverse II 2- Heavy diagonal die scratch thru B and bottom of I in LIBERTY. Faint incuse partial n next to neck from reverse In on some specimens. ( Same obverse used with VAM 195 )

COMMENTS: There are three die states of VAM-131C. 131C1 Die scratch thru IB, 131C2 die scratch thru IB and chashed n on neck, and the late die state 131C3 die scratch thru IB, chashed n on neck, and die break O.

VAM-131C1 Die scratch thru IB

VAM-131C2 Die scratch thru IB with Clashed Obverse n

VAM-131C3 Late die state with die break.

Price History:

1878-P VAM-131C PCGS MS62 $73.13 VAMquest 3/07

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