1878-P VAM-131 Normal

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965. Revised August 2008.

131 (revised) II2 - B2a (Normal) (179, 180, 194) I-1 R-2
Obverse II2- Normal type II obverse with broken point off number 4 right star and slight doubling on right side of 7(hub effect).
Reverse B2a- Feathers weakly struck in middle of eagle's left wing and next to eagle's right leg on some specimens.
Multiple dies exist. Die 1 - Polishing outlines at top of LLAR.

NOTE:Business strike Die 1 obverse & reverse are different than the PROOF only die combination. PROOF only die does NOT have X polish line nor the dot below the earlobe. PROOF die has thin line below eyelid and has extra metal at the top right serif of the E in the motto.

NOTE:PROOF only die also outlines at the top of LLAR as do several of the B2 reverse dollars. There is a die chip on the middle left side of the D in UNITED on the PROOF die and the feather next to the eagle's right leg (left as you look at the coin) is full and sharp.

Comments: Some show die chip in hair below LIBERTY, or diagonal die scratch through B or through RT in LIBERTY. Original 131 description; these amplifiers actually to VAMs 131A, 131B & 131C. Some specimens have small spike above eyelid front. Die 1 - X polishing lines at left of top cotton leaf and small raise dot below ear lobe.
Also VAM-228-3 .

LVA Plate Photo:
Die 1 (Business strike)

Additional photos:
Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-131 PROOF Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©Heritage Auctions ATTRIBUTED BY John Roberts at ANACSANACS_LOGO3.jpg
Comment from Mr. Roberts, "The proof dies are different than any of the business strikes including the Die 1 listing".
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Price History:

VAM 131 Die 1 PCGS AU-58; sold for $72.99 in June 2009.

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