1878-P VAM-130B Spike above eyelid, semi-circular die gouges wing

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie September 2005. Revision February 2007 by John Roberts

130B II 1 B2a (Semi-circular gouges on wing) (194) I-2 R-5
Obverse II 1 - Short spike above eyelid front. Slight doubling on chin front. Same die as VAM-185A .
Reverse B2a - Two nearly semi-circular die gouges on eagle's left wing near neck-wing junction. Overpolished die at eagle's right wing-leg junction.

1- The former listing for VAM 130B was a duplicate of VAM 131A.
2- EDS is 2-sided PL. LDS is lightly 2-sided clashed (no letter transfer). Very scarce variety, rare in uncirculated grades!

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78_v130b_eye_small.jpg 78_v130b_x_scratch_small.jpg

Distinctive semi-circular gouges in the wing and a lump in the lower tailfeathers are found on this previously unreported die.

Slightly doubled eyelid and 'X' scratch between cotton and wheat leaf, markers of the VAM 130B/185A obverse die.

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