1878-CC VAMs

1878-CC Die Marriage Chart Out of Date
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78 CC 4th Star and MM

After recent review of 1878-CC VAMs, these remain.

Official Listings
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1878-CC VAM-1 Normal Die (Likely Does Not Exist)
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-1B Line in IBFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-2A Doubled LIBERTY, Die Chip Nostril, Chips in CCFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-2B Doubled LIBERTY, Die Chips Eyelid & Forehead, Chips in CCFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-4 Close CCFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-6 Doubled Leaves, High Right Mint Mark (Top 100 and WOW! Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-7 Medium CC Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-7A Medium CC, Clashed Obverse G & st (Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-9 CC Tilted RightFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-11 Lines In Wing (Top 100 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg1878-CC VAM-12 Very Wide CC (Likely Does Not Exist)
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-13 Doubled Date & Stars, Two Die Gouges Wing (2011 Roberts 11 VAM)Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-14A Doubled LIBERTY, Wide CC, Die Scratches on EagleFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-15 Spiked LipFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-17 Line in Eye, Very Wide Doubled CCFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-18 Doubled ObverseFull-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-19 Wide CC With DotFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-19A Die Break RIFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-19B Wide CC With Dot, Die Break RFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-20 Line in Eye, Medium CC with Dot, Denticle Impressions TAFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-22 Die Chips in CCFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-24 Doubled Leaves (Top 100 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-24A Doubled Leaves, Die Break U (Top 100 Morgan Vam) Full-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-27 Medium CC, Two Die Gouges WingFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-28 Medium CC, Die Scratch EFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg
camera.jpg1878-CC VAM-29 Line in IB, Medium CC with One DotFull-Coin_CAMERA.jpg

1878-CC VNA
1878 CC Past Assignments

camera.jpg Photos of diagnostics shown on page.
Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg Photos of full coin shown on page.
Full-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg Full coin photo, needs to be replaced with better one.
VAM-Delisted.jpg VAM has been eliminated altogether or phased into another number.
white_camera&Black_Border04112011.jpg Used as a spacer to keep the VAM listings in alignment.
pcgsvam.jpg This VAM is recognized by PCGS.
ngcvam.jpg This VAM is recognized by NGC.
N P This VAM has no plate photo

As ANACS, SEGS, and Variety Slabbing Service (VSS) recognize all VAMs currently in the official listings, no icon is shown for these services.